Scott’s Mayfair – Seafood & Game Restaurant London


Scott’s Mayfair – Seafood & Game Restaurant London

Ah, Scott’s Mayfair, a treasure trove of culinary delights nestled snugly in the bustling heart of London’s esteemed Mayfair district! Having thrived since 1851, this seafood and game institution continuously adapts to enchant its elite clientele. Allow me, a seasoned London food critic, to lure you into a realm brimming with charm, elegance, and flavors you’ll crave long after you depart.

Location & Atmosphere

Mount Street, Scott’s Mayfair’s address, affords accessibility while immersing you in London’s chic boutiques and eclectic galleries. Stepping through the door, you’re swaddled in a warm, classical aura with sumptuous art and cozy seating. The opulent oyster and champagne bar, dining room’s pièce de résistance, summons both tourists and locals to revel in timeless luxury – think sleek wood panels and plush velvet banquettes.

Menu & Cuisine

A seafood paradise, Scott’s Mayfair proudly procures fresh, succulent treasures from the British Isles each day. Seasonal game dishes further enrich the menu. Expect a symphony of classic British cuisine, harmoniously mingling with modern flair – a testament to the artful blend of tradition and innovation.

Whet your appetite with Fruits de Mer Royale, a legendary platter teeming with oysters, prawns, langoustines, and more. Delectable starters – dressed Dorset crab or the indulgent foie gras parfait – prepare your taste buds for a scrumptious main course. Succumb to the tender Dover sole, the grilled Scottish lobster, or the wild venison, each culinary masterpiece embodying perfection.

An expansive wine list complements your meal, a collection of global gems handpicked by the astute sommelier, who will gladly guide you towards the ideal pairing to elevate your dining escapade.



Unparalleled service defines Scott’s Mayfair. From the moment you arrive, genuine warmth and hospitality envelop you. The erudite servers, fluent in the intricacies of the menu and ingredients, provide sage recommendations, adeptly catering to dietary preferences.

Price & Value

While undeniably a lavish dining destination, Scott’s Mayfair’s exemplary food, service, and ambiance justify the investment. Anticipate spending £80-£100 per person for a complete meal with wine – an exceptional value considering the unforgettable dining experience.


Scott’s Mayfair is a London gastronomic icon. A harmonious blend of unrivaled seafood, impeccable service, and a sophisticated milieu, this culinary landmark enchants all who enter its domain. As a food critic and restaurant review expert, I wholeheartedly champion Scott’s Mayfair. A tantalizing interplay between traditional British cuisine and contemporary elegance awaits those who seek an extraordinary dining adventure.


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