Barshu Restaurant Soho – Spicy Sichuan Specialities


Barshu Restaurant Soho – Spicy Sichuan Specialities

London. It’s an eclectic mosaic of tastes, an edible adventure encircling the globe. From the quintessential British ‘chippy’ serving up golden fish swaddled in crispy batter, to a smorgasbord of exotic fare, the city is a veritable feast. My focus today? A little nook that’s been steadily scaling the culinary ladder, known as Barshu. Planted amidst the genteel sophistication of the Soho, this establishment has been transforming Szechuan cuisine into a gastronomic art form that’s all its own.


Upon crossing the threshold of Barshu, you’re enveloped in an alluring symphony of aesthetics. You’ll find traditional Chinese motifs fused with touches of modernity – an intriguing contrast. Picture this: a backdrop bathed in rich red, punctuated with ornate wood carvings and soft light filtering through hanging lanterns. The setting’s elegance is relaxed, the service, flawless yet low-key. It’s an unobtrusive ballet of knowledge and etiquette, making for an immersive dining experience.


And the dishes? Oh, the dishes! They’re a testament to the audacious complexity Szechuan cuisine prides itself on. Think of it as a gastronomic expedition, with each plate guiding you through a labyrinth of spicy, tangy, sweet, and umami bursts, with the finesse of a master navigator. Take, for instance, the Kung Pao Chicken – plump, juicy poultry segments dancing with the fiery thrill of Szechuan peppercorns and the rustic crunch of peanuts. And then there’s the Ma Po Tofu – a riveting pas de deux of smooth tofu and minced beef basking in a piquant, aromatic sauce.

A shout out to the vegetarians and vegans – Barshu has you covered. The Buddha’s Delight paints a vivid tableau of seasonable vegetables simmered in a gentle sauce, a comforting and healthful symphony. And then, there’s the Szechuan Aubergine, an unexpected star with its succulent innards and a sticky glaze that’s simultaneously spicy and sweet. It leaves a lasting mark on your taste memory.



Fire meets ice with Barshu’s drinks selection, carefully orchestrated to soothe the palate post their daring culinary pyrotechnics. Jasmine Tea, with its refreshing floral notes, is a placid oasis amidst the spice fest.

Desserts, often the unsung heroes in Szechuan cuisine, hold their ground here. The Almond Tofu is an oasis of calm, its nearly milky gentleness offering solace after the bold mains. Then there’s the Sesame Rice Balls – the chewy, mochi-esque casing gives way to a heart of warm, sweet sesame paste, creating a comforting finale to a mesmerising dining saga.


Nestled within the vibrant tapestry that is London’s gastronomic scene, Barshu Soho shines – an undisputed beacon of authentic Szechuan offerings, a juxtaposition of modern ambience and heartfelt hospitality. It’s a meeting point of East and West, forging a palatable memory that’s as multifaceted and colourful as the metropolis itself.


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