Royal China Restaurant – Baker Street W1


Royal China Restaurant – Baker Street W1

A Regal Repast: Royal China – Baker Street’s Dining Delights


Locale & Atmosphere

Tucked away amid the hustle and bustle of Baker Street, the Royal China offers an unparalleled Chinese culinary experience within London’s beating heart. A stone’s throw from the tube station, it’s a veritable treasure trove for foodies, both local and from afar.

Upon crossing the threshold of Royal China, one cannot help but be struck by its stylish, luxurious ambience. A tasteful fusion of black and gold hues radiates grandeur; intricate adornments, such as the dainty lanterns and quintessential Chinese artwork, honor the nation’s rich heritage.

Gastronomic Offerings

Boasting a panoply of flavors, the vast menu caters to a gamut of palates. Traditionalists and adventurous gourmands alike will find their culinary nirvana here.

Embark on your epicurean journey with scrumptious starters, including the crispy aromatic duck and succulent steamed dim sum. The latter, particularly noteworthy, features an exquisite blend of textures and flavors that delight the senses.

Delectable mains abound; classic options include Kung Pao chicken and sweet and sour pork, while signature dishes, such as the sumptuous lobster with ginger and spring onion, provide an elevated experience. Vegans and vegetarians are far from forgotten; a plethora of equally tantalizing tofu and vegetable-centric plates satisfy all.

And the pièce de résistance? The divine dessert selection. Relish the ethereal steamed egg custard buns or invigorating mango pudding for a flawless finale to your repast.



Service Par Excellence

Service at Royal China is indispensable to the dining adventure. Meticulous, erudite, and sincerely committed to guest satisfaction, the staff is ever ready with sage recommendations, ensuring a culinary expedition par excellence.



A carefully curated wine list harmonizes with the dishes, providing potable pleasure to enhance your gastronomic indulgence. Crisp whites and robust reds ensure a fitting match, while an assortment of teas, soft drinks, and mocktails cater to those seeking non-alcoholic alternatives.



Pricing & Worth

Given the exceptional ingredients, fastidious service, and refined environment, Royal China’s prices are surprisingly moderate. Although not the most wallet-friendly choice in the vicinity, the value is tangible in the flavorsome fare and indelible experience.


In Summary

For gastronomes and London tourists craving a truly memorable and sumptuous Chinese dining escapade, Royal China – Baker Street is an essential destination. Its sophisticated ambience, eclectic menu, and flawless service render it ideal for celebrating special occasions, conducting business dinners, or simply savoring a delectable meal among cherished company.

Catering to devotees of time-honored Chinese fare and newcomers alike, Royal China promises an unforgettable culinary experience guaranteed to enrapture taste buds. With its strategic location and diverse menu, it’s no wonder that Royal China – Baker Street continues to be a beloved fixture for both the local community and traveling gourmands.

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