Ken Lo’s – Memories of China Restaurant – London SW1


Ken Lo’s – Memories of China Restaurant – London SW1

Imagine the bustling heart of London’s Belgravia: urban energy pulsating through every nook and cranny. There, amidst the city’s dynamism, sits an establishment – Ken Lo’s Memories of China. It whispers narratives of the Far East, its culinary magic a radiant beacon in the capital’s food scene. Is it just another restaurant? Far from it. Ken Lo’s is an institution, a symphony conducted by an unseen maestro, orchestrating culture, ambience, and gastronomy to an enchanting harmony.


Push open the doors. Instantaneously, the chimes of Beijing seem to replace the city hum; the urban clamour makes way for a tranquillity so profound, it’s as if you’ve walked into a painting. Antique furniture, their elegance whispering tales of yesteryears, rest against walls adorned with silk wallpaper. Flickering lanterns cast gentle, playful shadows. Here is a place that simultaneously calms and invigorates. A sanctuary amidst concrete.


Of course, let’s not be remiss to discuss the true allure – the banquet that awaits. Think of it as a symphony; a balance of distinct flavours where every dish has a voice, contributing to a harmonious culinary chorus. Their Peking Duck? A crisp skin shielding a succulent surprise – an experience to be had. The Stir-fried Lobster, another exhibit of their prowess, dances with ginger and spring onion, resulting in a seafood spectacle that will leave your taste buds cheering for an encore.

Consider the vast culinary landscape they present: delicate dim sums share the stage with robust Szechuan morsels, each bite promising to tantalise your senses. With a broad, yet thoughtfully arranged menu, your taste buds embark on a journey through China’s gastronomic wonderland, from Sichuan’s fiery concoctions to the soothing melodies of Cantonese cuisine.


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It is the attentive service that seals Ken Lo’s excellence. Waitstaff are not just servers, they are interpreters, translating the subtleties of Chinese dining customs, guiding you along your gastronomic journey. Their thoughtful care, invisible yet palpable, makes each patron feel cherished. It’s this marriage of respect and intuition that solidifies Ken Lo’s place in the hearts of its diners.

In a world of fleeting trends, Ken Lo’s Memories of China stands unwavering, its gastronomic prowess an artwork, a cultural celebration that overflows the boundaries of a plate. A meal here is a voyage, an immersion in China’s rich culinary traditions, a testament to Oriental cuisine’s timeless allure.

In the midst of London’s sea of dining choices, Ken Lo’s emerges – a beacon guiding the gastronome, the amateur, and everyone in between. It’s not merely an eatery, but a chronicle of China’s culinary journey, a must for anyone yearning to traverse the diverse landscape of Chinese cuisine.


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