Barshu Restaurant Soho – Spicy Sichuan Specialities

London. It’s an eclectic mosaic of tastes, an edible adventure encircling the globe. From the quintessential British ‘chippy’ serving up golden fish swaddled in crispy batter, to a smorgasbord of exotic fare, the city is a veritable feast. My focus today? A little nook that’s been steadily scaling the culinary ladder, known as Barshu. Planted […]

Royal China Restaurant – Baker Street W1

A Regal Repast: Royal China – Baker Street’s Dining Delights   Locale & Atmosphere Tucked away amid the hustle and bustle of Baker Street, the Royal China offers an unparalleled Chinese culinary experience within London’s beating heart. A stone’s throw from the tube station, it’s a veritable treasure trove for foodies, both local and from […]

Ken Lo’s – Memories of China Restaurant – London SW1

Imagine the bustling heart of London’s Belgravia: urban energy pulsating through every nook and cranny. There, amidst the city’s dynamism, sits an establishment – Ken Lo’s Memories of China. It whispers narratives of the Far East, its culinary magic a radiant beacon in the capital’s food scene. Is it just another restaurant? Far from it. […]

Kai Mayfair London – Sophisticated Chinese restaurant

Salutation Unleashing an insatiable curiosity for London’s gastronomic grandeur, my spirit perennially yearns for the bewitching seduction of the myriad culinary enchantments strewn across this dynamic metropolis. It is towards Kai Mayfair, the mesmerising temple of haute Chinese gastronomy, that I enthusiastically channel your attention, instigating an unforgettable sensory exploration. The Scene Transcending the mundane, […]

Mr Chow Knightsbridge London – Culinary Extravaganza

mr chow

London, with its bustling cosmopolitan heart and labyrinth of flavours, holds a secret gem in the shimmering shadow of Knightsbridge: Mr Chow, a gastronomic sojourn that takes you on an enchanting roller coaster of epicurean delight. A whirlwind of sights, sounds, and tastes, Mr Chow sits imperiously within the affluent confines of Knightsbridge, interlacing the […]